About 3 weeks ago my TiVo was no longer able to successfully download guide data.

There seems to be a problem with downloading the guide data. In the System Info screen, it keeps saying that the last call has "Failed. Call Interrupted". When I manually make the daily call from the web interface, it seems like it reaches the server fine, and is able to set the clock successfully. Then it begins downloading the guide data and stops after a little while with the same message ("Failed. Call Interrupted").

If I then make a second call straight away, it is able to succeed. However there is still no guide data available. I suspect this is because it thinks my guide data is already up to date, and doesn't bother downloading it again. During this second daily call, it sets the clock on the TiVo, but hangs up straight after this. It then says that it is processing the data, and says it is successful once this is complete.

I've had a look on the web, and this is the closest I got to someone else having a similar problem:


But they seem to be having issues straight after the guided setup, and the advice was to start again from scratch. Obviously I'd prefer not to have to do this, so I'd really appreciate any other ideas.