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Thread: Failed, Call interrupted

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    Failed, Call interrupted

    My Tivo is running out of guide data, if I force a daily call via Tivoweb, it goes through housekeeping, clock setting and gets as far as downloading...then after 2 or 3 minutes it comes up 'failed, call interrupted' any ideas?

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    First thing would be to checo the logs on your tivo.

    Next would be to telnet into your tivo and run this
    This will check that it can talk to the server.

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    I've since discovered that there is a major issue with Vodafone Broadband at present, pretty sure that's the problem. Managed to get a clean download of data on one of our Tivo's this morning, so nothing fundamentally wrong at our end......

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    I have found another cause of this error - a faulty PC power supply! The PC was plugged into the same router as the TiVo, and although the PC was working fine untill the PSU died completely, the TiVo was not able to complete a daily call. Once the PC PSU went up in smoke, the TiVo has been able to make daily calls perfectly. Weird but true.

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    Two weeks data lost

    Think Vodafone Broadband was the most likely culprit. I've just returned to NZ after a couple of months away to discover no programmes recorded on either of my two TiVos from1 to 14 September.

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