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Thread: If your having trouble, how about trying the mailing list

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    If your having trouble, how about trying the mailing list

    If your new to the TiVo, and you've tried to find the answer to your question here but haven't found it, how about signing up to/searching the OzTiVo mailing list. Go to the link below. There's lots of good TiVo information there, including a link to sign up to the mailing list updated 18/6/08

    All of the guys who have done all the work in getting the TiVo to where it is in Australia now read this list, and respond to messages quickly. They can deal with difficult questions, as well as the simple questions from newbies.

    This list has been going for quite a few years, so almost any question you have, will probably have come up there before.

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    I went to the link indicated and sent an email to the address it says to on that page but I got an email back saying it was a members only list and I can't find where I join the list ?

    Sorry, I have never used a mailing list before so not sure what to do now ?

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    If you click on the link, the third heading down says:

    Subscribing to oztivo

    If you enter in your details, you will get a confirmation email with a link, you click that link, and you can begin posting to the list.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Guys

    FYI your emails to the mailing list must be in plain text format. HTML emails won't be processed by minnie or sent to the group
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    Just had a quick look and getting:

    "oops, web doesn't exist"

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    Hi Chris,

    Yes - nice catch.

    The new URL is

    Cheers, Dave.
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    The link link refers to some site to subscribe ,what is in the link can any one tell me

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    If you want to subscribe to the mailing list visit:

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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