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Thread: How Much Is It Worth?

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    How Much Is It Worth?

    I've got a UK Tivo with a 150GB HD.

    Would anyone like to make me an offer for it?

    I've had it up and running with the internal modem so it all works.


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    $1.50 and a chocolate fish

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    I dunno, put a price up in the buying and selling forum and see how you go

    Oh wait. You had. If you gave it a topic of it's own, maybe people would see it easier?

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    Philips Tivo
    Version 1.3 Emulator Image from Minnie
    200Gig Western Digital HDD
    No Turbonet or Cachecard
    Slices: Cable Digital FTA

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    Does the UK TiVo have a network card, IR blaster etc. If you can list full specs & a price I'd be interested, as I'm about to buy one from the US.

    Ps. The TiVo is in good condition and fully operational.

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