> On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 11:47:58AM +1000, Andrew Palm wrote:

> > I've rolled all the Serial cable docs into one now.


> Good idea!

> Warren

Yep, I'm trying to reduce the number of items in the twiki system. Having two items on the same topic in two different areas isn't helpful!

When you have time, grab a few TWiki items and check them over. Make sure they are correct, the links still work, no typos and the spelling is correct. This will speed up the process of moving the items around and combining them, cause it will mean less work for me when the time comes.

Each TWiki item is going to be touched, moved or edited over the coming weeks. So hold on and if you can't find it, then think were you would find it.

If its a hardware item, like a serial cable pinout, look under "Hardware". The same goes for Series2 Pictures, can be found are in hardware.

If its a software setup, like DailyMail Install look into the Software section.

Please use the same thought when creating a item.

Thanks heaps!!

TWiki God