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Thread: Is the Guide for NZ still active?

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    Is the Guide for NZ still active?

    Are there any people in NZ where the EPG updates ok, please? I seem to be having somw troubles with mine. I'm on Starlink but have maintained a Farmside option for 2 x Tivo 320s.
    The Farmside was going ok but seems to have had soem sort of hiccup and Starlink either doesn't play ball, or is blocked by the mother ship.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm still using tivo with the guide but I have no guide data from Friday morning (22nd March) onwards and I have connected to network, rebooted and tried again but still no more guide data. I don't know why not but it's not just you if that's of any help.

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    I currently have guide data to Friday morning the 29th having just done a connect/load. If you still have none the problem could be at your end

    What messages do you get when you try a manual connection to the TiVo server?
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