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Thread: audiofix

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    Hi Matt,

    I sent two emails to the audiofix address on 11/3/21 in respect of my two Tivos. So far, nothing has happened. No Message received, and no "running" display. Have I missed the boat? Should I just do the manual fix?

    Thanks for your work,


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    Hi again Matt,

    I have gone ahead and applied the manual fix. No problems encountered. Thanks again for your work.


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    Hi Andrew,

    I am also having the same problem as 1) following installing Audiofix 0.2.0. Many things do still seem to record properly sound wise, but we will also getting partial sound recordings and none at all. Its happening on ABC Kids / Channel 22.


    (Another) Andrew

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    Quote Originally Posted by piersoar View Post
    Hi Matt and everyone. Thanks so much for all your work in keeping oztivos running for us.

    Am wondering if anyone else is seeing a couple of problems possibly related to the audiofix patch?

    1) Am seeing a couple of times a week programs recorded with no sound at all.
    Tonight it was the second half of Michael Palin in North Korea on SBS HD. Mainly watch SBS and ABC HD primary channels here, and am suspecting something to do with subsequent programs on the same channel not triggering the audio channel selection - perhaps? Details of this instance now attached.
    20:30 = 0930GMT - began recording Palin Part 2 on Tuner 0 whilst continuing 5-min end-padding of Palin Part 1 Tuner 1 (both have sound)
    20:35 = 0935GMT - stopped recording Palin Part 1 on Tuner 1 (sound ceased on Tuner 0 for rest of recording)
    Attachment 612
    This could be something to do with the way audiofix detects a channel change. Probably not easy to fix

    2) The TiVo seems to be silently resetting/rebooting a couple of times a week now - evidenced by loss of the clock display we manually activate.
    Strangely the logs show this often (but not always) happens at about the same time - within a few seconds anyway. Don't recall having to reactivate the clock ever (except for power failure) before the audiofix - so seem related but not necessary causal!
    logs back to May-2020 show no fatal errors until 16-FEB-21. audiofix applied 15-FEB-21. Seems to have rebooted 17 times since then.
    Attachment 613

    Both problems are easily lived with, but with a stock setup (thanks Darren King) I'd guess others might be experiencing similar, but so far don't see it reported. Very happy to do more research - anything to help.

    Thanks again, Andrew
    I have 3 Tivos running the patch at home. I've stared to monitor uptime on them. Currently:
    Tivo 1: 3 weeks uptime
    Tivo 2: averages 2-3 days uptime
    Tivo3: averages 1-4 days uptime

    I don't have any data from before the fix, so can't really draw any conclusions from this.


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    Please add 3 more to the list. I successfully used the manual approach. Was quick and easy.
    BTW Using Kitty I could not SSH into a friends Tivo, so in Kitty I clicked Telnet and went straight in.
    Pasted the following in one hit and clicked enter.

    cd /tmp
    tar xf OZ-update-v3.snow.bnd
    tar xzf swupdate.tar.gz

    It rebooted and all was good.

    Thanks to MattCallow for this ("Manual install" page 5).

    And many thanks to all for the great efforts.

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    When season passes record two consecutive programs on ABC-TV I am finding that the second program records with no sound. Specifically, this occurs with Gardening Australia and Vera on ABC-HD Channel 20 in Sydney. Presumably the second recording isn't generating the channel-change message required for audiofix. Are others experiencing this problem? I can try to record the second program on ABC Channel 2 to see if that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edcba View Post
    ... consecutive programs on ABC-TV [Channel 20] ... second program records with no sound .... Presumably the second recording isn't generating the channel-change message required for audiofix ...
    That sounds like (no pun) a reasonable hypothesis.

    ... try to record the second program on ABC Channel 2...
    That would be a good work-around. Alternatively you could cancel the 2nd back-to-back show in the To Do list and then extend the end time of the 1st show to encompass the 2nd. The downside of this would be the recording title only listing the 1st show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piersoar View Post
    The TiVo seems to be silently resetting/rebooting a couple of times a week
    Mines doing the same. Seems to be since I patched it recently. Let me know if I can supply any other info\data.


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