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Thread: Guide data issues and tips to resolve

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    My TiVo not showing any guide data for tomorrow (Thursday). I presume there is a problem that needs urgent fixing. I'm in Sydney. Are others experiencing this problem?

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    Hi All,

    Here in regional NSW (and maybe other areas) Network Nine and Network 10 have swapped their affiliate regional stations. Ten shows were on the regional WIN Network on channels 5* and Nine shows were on the regional Southern Cross network on the 8* channels. They have (as of July 1) swapped. (This takes them back to how they were 5 years ago before Nine got greedy and dropped WIN as an affiliate.)

    As per, for Network Nine shows:

    Channel 9 (standard definition) on channel 8
    9HD (high definition) on channel 80
    9Gem on channel 81
    9Go! on channel 82
    Sky News on WIN will continue on channel 83 until 9Life commences on that channel on August 1. TVSN on channel 84 and GOLD on channel 85 continue without change.

    And for Network 10:

    Channel 10 (standard definition) on channel 5
    10HD (high definition) on channel 50
    10Peach on channel 52
    10Bold on channel 53
    10Shake on channel 54 (although this is a totally new chanel for regional areas)

    What can we do to get the guide updated/corrected?


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    I seem to be missing all guide data at the moment. Not seeing any issue with the connection, just seems there is no info in the download. Postcode is 6000.

    Edit - after a manual restart and reconnect it appears to be downloading data but the guide remains blank after it has finished.
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