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Thread: IR codes for TelstraClear t-box?

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    IR codes for TelstraClear t-box?

    Been using my trusty s1 Tivo for many years with Sky, but I'm now considering moving to TelstraClear cable with their TV.

    Seems I might be able to get an old-style digital decoder that should work with Tivo ok, but wondering whether anyone knows the codes to get the T-Box working. I've heard real bad things about the T-Box as a PVR, but thought if I could at least just use it as a simple decoder with my Tivo then I've got my old trusty Tivo usable again (maybe even at the same time as using the PVR functions of the T-Box).

    Any advice much appreciated, if there's any life out there in old Tivo land!

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    I can tell you that no one has uploaded any codes for any Tel$traClear STB's to either the AU or NZ oztivo servers.

    So not sure if anyone has tried.

    You might be able to capture the codes, but assuming you do get it working. I doubt you could use the PVR function of the box as it could conflict with the TiVo's requests.

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    Telstra T-Box codes?

    Hello Peter, Chis,

    I know I'm a bit late to this party, but perhaps the info at this link could help with setting up codes for managing the T-Box?
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    Thanks, that might help me if I go there in the future.

    With all the continuing bad press about T-Box problems I stuck with trusty Sky.

    I guess our Tivo S1s are getting rather old these days, and we'll all be forced to move to something else soon. But so far I've found nothing that's quite as convenient as the old Tivos.

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    Is the New Zealand T-box the same as the Australian one? This guy has captured the IR code for the Australian one, but wasn't able to upload them to the database.

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