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    I figured, instead of searching around in the fourm for links, I'd present them here. If you would like a link updated, Please let one of the friendly OzTiVo Forum Moderators know!

    Edit by curto 13 July 2004: Adding A link for Proxy Setup on TIVO
    Edit by Tenty 1 Oct 2007: Updated the minnie links so that they now work!
    Edit by Tenty 19 July 2008: Updated the minnie links to reflect the new server (maxie?)!
    Edit by Tenty 5 June 2013: Changed Guided Setup link (was and
    Edit by Tenty 27th July 2021: Removed dead links (was Interactive Upgrade Instructions and Guided Setup Hints Located on Minnie)
    Last edited by tenty; 27-07-2021 at 09:14 AM. Reason: Changing links away from expired URLs

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