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Thread: IRBlaster as high speed serial link for data transfer?

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    IRBlaster as high speed serial link for data transfer?

    Thought I'd ask the question, since it seems like a good way to connect to a laptop, 1.5mbit or even 4mbit would be nice.
    I know there are various drivers under linux for ir l.e.d links, and I was wondering if anyone has tried to set one up, or knows of a reason why it would/wouldn't work?

    I'd love to be able to send the .ty files across, since it seems quite a while off before I can afford to buy a cachecard or tivonet card for real networking.

    I'm just not getting a good feeling using 115kbit from the serial link.

    Cheers, Spook8000

    P.S I've got a Tivo Series 1 (312)

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    dont think so

    The stadnard PC IR port is IRDA this is not compatible (frequency and field wise ) with the TIVO IR port.

    I also do not think the throughput would be anywhere near what you are hoping (not sure of the exact numbers)


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    You also have to consider that the IR Blaster/s are only TX (wrt TiVo) where is the RX to complete the path? IRDA is two-way plus what Craig said.
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    If I'm not mistaken, the Tivo can transmit signals to a set top box and can also receive signals from your remote control?....

    I am now looking at the possibilities of making an "Ultra Blaster cable" so to speak, instead of using the standard IR blaster cable...
    This idea seems to have some merit, since it does not seem to be the same circuit as the serial port.
    But, I have not been able to determine what the connection to the irblaster is, and how it interfaces to the system.

    Any ideas?
    P.S In theory, the data can be transmitted from the Tivo at a much accelerated rate, as far as pure data goes, and the data ack packets can be quite infrequent.. There are heaps of options regarding this.. Well, so say NASA.. ?

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    I would just like to point out that there is an IR reciever on the front of the TiVo which seems to deal with the INPUT from the remote. I'm not too sure if the IR blaster Recieves INPUT at all.

    I will do some testing however with my old P133 Laptop and my TiVo when I get some time (Which will probably be the weekend)

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