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Thread: Are there any slice files to use against the current images?

  1. Are there any slice files to use against the current images?

    As I don't have the internet or phone at home (just a large collection of tin foil hats) I have spent many happy years FTPing slice files to my tivo.

    I've just reimaged it to the latest Austrailian build to take care of the sky channel line-up changes but am getting bored with having to take it for a walk to work each week to get new guide data from the emulator.

    is there currently a source of nztivo.slice or nzdev.slice that matches the head ends of the port 8000 emulator?

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    No unfortunately there isn't, the nztivo.slice files are provided for the older than the legacy users and could die at any moment. There hasn't been any further development for that platform for nearly 2 years. Data for port 8000 users is only available via the emulator and that is what we encourage ALL users to switch to.
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  3. Thanks for that.

    And of course thanks for the many years of good data.

    Guess i'll need to get a phone.

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    Gotta ask the question....large collection of tin foil hats ?????

  5. No; I'd like a large collection, but it's so hard to find trusted suppliers.

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