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Thread: Thanks to the authors of OzTivo iso

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    Smile Thanks to the authors of OzTivo iso

    I just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou to all the team where have brought the OzTiVo to where it is today. A mate and I got two TiVo's up and running from nothing in about two hours last night thanks to the awsome work and instructions you folks have done.

    I can not believe how easy it was!

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou.

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    Thumbs up Added Thanks

    I wanted to add my thanks as well. Using the latest image 1.3 I was able to get the Tivo up and running in a couple of hours. And, my God, there is no going back. The Tivo made Pay TV actually user friendly, I can actually select shows I want to watch and watch them when I want.
    Thanks for all the hard work that it took to make it so easy for the rest of us.

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    More thanks!

    All those involved have done a fantastic job!

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    Smile Double more thanks

    I would like to fully agree with the above posts a fantastic effort.

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    Post something on the mailing lists maybe

    All the hardcore guys hang on the OZTIVO mailing list - send them a thanks - especially Tridge, Andrew Palm, Warren and Ed


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    You guys have all done a great job. It's a testament to being a great job that so many people manage to get their TiVo working first time in only a couple of hours and therefore don't even have to come and visit the forums to get help! So I think it's great that someone started this thread in order for us people with no problems to still get involved, even if just to say thankyou.

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    Thumbs up Woo!

    Making the topic sticky. Feel free to post more thank you's and I'll forward them towards Ed, Warren, Andrew and others if we get more posts
    Ex Tivo Owner.
    Philips Tivo
    Version 1.3 Emulator Image from Minnie
    200Gig Western Digital HDD
    No Turbonet or Cachecard
    Slices: Cable Digital FTA

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    Just like to add my thanks as well, if it wasn't for a dodgy serial cable, and ordering the wireless card after the tivo had already arrived, I could have had my tivo up and running from order to watching in less than 5 days.

    Hope to Dog we can sort out the guide data 'copyright' issues.

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    I agree, Thanks

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    Just wanted to also add my thanks to the authors of OzTivo iso.
    Set up last night without a hitch.
    This morning working perfectly.

    Thanks guys.

    Great job.



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