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Thread: Tivo interfering with Internet???

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    Cool Tivo interfering with Internet???

    I'm VERY new to Tivo & know nothing about them. We've recently bought a series 1 philips. All set up & appears to be going well (so far)

    Since getting the tivo & setting up for recording there seems to be conflictions with out internet. I'm not sure if the tivo is the cause but it seems that we get disconnected or very slow connection that's only happened on my computer since getting tivo. Connection is interefered with & then (approx time of a show record ending) the connection gets upto speed again.
    Everything in our house is wireless & we're on adsl 2+

    Am just wondering if this is possible to happen with tivo or just iinet.
    Or is it possible that when it dials out once a day for TV giude info, can this cause the problem? I can't say how often it happens cos we only just got the tivo & set it up yesterday.

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    Hi Kim

    I'm not a networking expert but given nobody else has replied I shall pass on some comments:

    TiVo should not interfere with your network and definitely not something as predictable as something noticeable at the end of a recording. The daily call for guide data is only brief and not much gets transferred. At ADSL2+ speeds it would not be for any significant amount of time.

    One thing you can do right now to rule out the TiVo is disconnect it from the network. The TiVo will still function with retained guide data for a few days before it complains of no guide data - but even then it can still be used for manual recording and playback. See if that makes a difference to your transfer speed problems.

    Also is the TiVo wired ethernet or have you made it wireless with a Wireless Bridge or similar?
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    I can confirm that with iinet and ADSL2+ I haven't encountered any issues yet, though, I man using a Laptop as a wireless bridge between the TiVo and my main network.

    As Darren has asked, how is your TiVo connected to your network?
    and an additional question I will ask is, what happens if you disconnect your TiVo from your network when the "slowness" occurs? does it speed up again?
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