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Thread: Time zone problems..Please help a newbie :-)

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    Time zone problems..Please help a newbie :-)

    Well I finally got my Phillips 212, dropped 2 x 120Gb Seagates, set up the turbonet card, connected my teac B300 and my DSE Home theatre video/DVd combo, threw 15 remote controls at the cat and then discovered that the time on the Tivo is out by about 5 hours..sigh.
    I have looked up all the places I could on the furom, and I'm not a linux guru, but I can telnet (which is something!_)
    Ibashed settime and it seemed to work, did date and it seems to show correct time and date, but when I went back to the TV and changed channels (I'm still indexing at the moment) it still showed about 5 hours behind.

    What to do.. sob


    Philips 212
    Seagate 2 x 120GB

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    Are you still in "Maintenance mode" (shows as a splash screen when you first start up the TiVo)

    If so you need to follow the instructions in the how to about how to get out of maintenance mode. Be patient it can take lots of tries.


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    Not in Maintenance

    Thanks Charlie,

    No I'm not in maintenance. Setup complete and it's working just fine....execpt for the time....damn


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    Wink Symptoms....?

    I noted this problem if I choose "Satelite" (sp? - It's a monday morning, give me a break ) during Guided Setup.

    If the symptoms are correct, your TiVo's clock will be out by 5 hrs, and so will your guide data. ie. Things will record on time, it's just annoying to see times 5 hrs behind.

    If you chose Cable or Antenna instead, have you rebooted your tivo yet like the documentation says?

    Ex Tivo Owner.
    Philips Tivo
    Version 1.3 Emulator Image from Minnie
    200Gig Western Digital HDD
    No Turbonet or Cachecard
    Slices: Cable Digital FTA

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    If Tenty's suggestion doesn't work, then I think you need to ask this question on the mailing list where the Gurus live. It's beyond me.

    If it does work, can you create a FAQ or a "Hint or Tip" that details it to save the next person fumbling around.


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    Are you in Aussie or NZ?

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    Easily fixed

    As long as you selected the right postcode and area code when you ran the guided setup do the following:

    Make sure TIVO is in normal not maintenance mode
    Telnet in
    (set it to 7 that is GMT)

    Now your time will display properly


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    Thanks to all

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all your help. As it turns out, I forgot to reboot after finishing the guided setup. Once that was done, home and hosed, yo!

    The Tivo's working like a honey, now a just need to fine tune my usage and work out how to add channel 31 to my Tac B300 DST. But that's not a Tivo problem.

    The other bit of fun, of course, was working out how to connect which box to what. I have a DSE home theatre system, which only plays DVD's through S-VHS connections and two SCART's on the TV and ....on and on. Finally fixed it all up, and now the last challenge is....

    Where do I get a shipping container that's just the right size to fit in my lounge-room to hold the billions of remote controls that I now am the proud possessor of?

    Oh, and by the way, I am in Melbourne.

    So, once again, thanks to all and.........

    Tivo rules !


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