I’m having problems with your script called loadlogos.tcl. Once I’ve successfully run the script & reboot the TiVo I still have all the American station logos

Please see below for the results from running your script.
TiVo [p0] /var/hack/logo]# /var/hack/logo/loadlogos.tcl new
Initialising logo list
Initialising channel list
object not found (errNmNameNotFound)

while executing
"mfs find $guideindexdir/ChannelTable"
("uplevel" body line 2)
invoked from within
"uplevel $body"
invoked from within
"transaction {uplevel $body}"
(procedure "RetryTransaction" line 5)
invoked from within
"RetryTransaction {
set channeltablefsid [lindex [mfs find $guideindexdir/ChannelTable] 0]
set channeltabledata [mfs get $channeltablefsid]
(procedure "init_channelindex" line 55)
invoked from within
(file "/var/hack/logo/loadlogos.tcl" line 583)
Current I’m using the latest OzTiVo image on my Philips TiVo dated from 20051128.

I also had to create the directory logo as it didn't exist.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong – any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.