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Thread: TIVO Keeps Switching to Channel 5

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    Unhappy TIVO Keeps Switching to Channel 5


    I've recently setup my TIVO to control my Saturn Digital set top box. Since then I've noticed that it periodically switches to Channel 5 (Sky1). I've disconnected the IR Blaster for the moment to prevent TV viewing from being interrupted, however no matter what channel I set the TIVO to, after a few hours I find that it has reverted to 5 as the current channel.

    Automatic recording of suggestions is disabled.

    The box is a US Philips running the Oz 1.4 image.

    Any ideas anyone?????


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    I've been away, but since no one else has chimed in I'll give it a go.

    Are you still experiencing these problems?

    Apart from the unattended chanel 5 issue, does the TiVo control the sky box correctly?

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    That sounds strange. I have mine controlling a Saturn Digital box also and haven't seen the same problem.

    Is it at any stage recording a channel with a '5' or ending in a '5' before it does this? sometimes the set top box misses the first or last digit.

    That's about all I can think of.

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    Channel 5 problem

    I am seeing this same problem intermittently with a Motorola STB. I haven't been thinking of it so much as switching to channel 5 as missing the last digit since in every instance I have seen this error has occurred when switching to channel 54. I believe that the STB is seeing 05 when it should be seeing 054.

    I try to record ABC news on 54 at 12:30 and CBS news at 1:30. The error has only occurred on the first recording. At 12:30 I sometimes get channel 5. At 1:30 I always get channel 54.

    Even more intermittently I get the awful preview channel 0 when I want channel 8. Again I have attributed this to the STB seeing 00 instead of 008.


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