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Thread: Emulator Changes (Move Req. 8000->80)

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    Emulator Changes (Move Req. 8000->80)

    A message was sent out on the port 8000 emulator tonight asking existing users to migrate to port 80.

    *** This will not change a thing in terms of community data supplied; both emulators receive the same daily data. ***

    However, we have been working on new headends to enhance the options available for FTA, multiple sources, new cable lineups like saturn digital and to support UK tivos and so on.

    Here is the message that was broadcast to 8000. Basically we are asking users to migrate to port 80 to allow port 8000 to become the emulator for new installs from this point forward.


    Much work has been undertaken on the New Zealand emulator configurations over the last months.

    The new setup contains:-
    * FTA slices for major cities (easily expandable)
    * Updated slices for the existing cable postcodes
    * A satellite provider slice (for dual sources)
    * An IR slice (courtesy of ozTiVo) that we could update
    * And the logo slice has been indexed into the headends

    This system enables palmod'ed TiVo's to work from the emulator and has also been tested with dual sources, eg. local FTA channels and sky satellite.

    It also supports UK TiVos, which up until now have not been able to operate from the NZ emulators.

    Unfortunately this new system is not compatible with TiVo's that have been configured on the existing legacy emulator setup. The result will be 'failed loading' messages from daily calls.

    The plan is to roll the new system out to the NZ emulator on port 8000 for all new TiVo setups. You are seeing this message because you are currently connecting to port 8000.

    We would like all port 8000 nzTiVo'ers to move to port 80 as soon as possible.

    The port 80 emualtor will continue to support legacy and existing configurations.

    We will update port 8000 once sufficient movement off port 80 has been achieved.

    nzTiVo Team
    nzTiVo is a volunteer service as such, we can't guarantee support, nor can we guarantee any type of program guide data.

    Update: It's the end of the month and these changes have been made.
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