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Thread: Trouble with access to program information

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    Trouble with access to program information

    First off, I am a newbie.

    I have managed to get most of the functions of the TiVo going with considerable help from several kind people. I got this help by email because I was unable to use this forum for reasons that I don't understand. The forum kept forgetting all of my info except my name and wouldn't let me in even after I used the password emailed to me. So I created a new personality with a different email address and now I have access. Go figure!

    I have several problems now, but I have a feeling that they may all be related.

    I cannot access Season Passes or select programs by name or any other function on the Pick Programs menu. When I select any function I just get the "boom" and I get a message that the data is in the process of being organized and won't be available for 4-8 hours. Of course I have been getting this message for several days.

    I am only able to control recording from the Web interface and I haven't figured out if there is a way to record by name this way.

    I also do not know how to delete Season Passes from the Web interface and since I can't get to this using the remote, I have no way to resolve conflicts.

    Any help in resolving these issues would be appreciated.


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    Hi Larry, and welcome.

    This is for one of two reasons:

    1. Have you tried rebooting the unit a few times, and when you reboot do you still get the OzTiVo "Starting Up...." screen or the OzTiVo "Maintenance Mode" screen. This is the SECOND screen you will see, not the one you immediately see after applying power.

    2. If you have already done step 1 and this does not help then do a search on the oztivo website at for "warped clock" and follow the directions therein to verify you do not have a warped clock condition.

    Here, I'll make it easy for you as here is a direct link to a search result with the keywords "warped;clock":
    Darren King
    OzTiVo Repairs and Modifications
    If your TiVo requires repairs or modifications
    then visit:


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    Well, I followed the instructions in

    I did have the warped clock problem and I followed the instructions and still see the same behaviour. So I need other hints on what to do.

    (I should have said in my original posting that all of the functions used to work, I think that this failure was perhaps coincident with finally getting the IR codes correct from my Motorola STB, though I could be wrong about that and I have a hard time imagining how the two functions would interact.)


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    Talking Access to program info

    I guess what I lacked was patience. An hour after applying th fix for the warped clock syndrome, I still had the problem. 24 hours later I still had it. Magically maybe 48 hours later all or those problems went away.

    Many thanks.

    Bonus (for me) question: What the heck is a slice?


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    a slice is a file which contains lots of info..

    There can be a guide slice, which has all the tv listings in it.. and an ir slice, which has all the ir codes in it for every stb supported.

    imagine many files just crammed into one file. The tivo downloads the slice, rather than many different files.

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