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Thread: Streaming PC to Tivo

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    Streaming PC to Tivo

    No Tivo but keen to purchase soon. haven't found this on forums but is it possible to play video files residing on the pc down to the tivo? any limitations or format rules? have seen a lot on copying files out from tivo to p.c for burning etc but not the other way around. thanks in advance

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    It's not a common request, but it can be done.

    The main drawback is the transfer runs in a little slower then realtime usually, so you have to start the transfer, wait a while for a enough of a buffer to be transfered, then start watching.

    It's not really possible to watch shows with commercials this way as you will catch up to the transfer before it has completed. Though you can watch and ffw easily once the transfer is more then half done.

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    Non-TiVo Sourced Video?

    Hi Bradek32,

    Did you mean video from non-TiVo sources? If so...

    It's tricky due to the non-standard file format used by the TiVo. From what I can tell the current state of the art is a tool called "tymplex". This thread on DealDatabase seems to be the place to start:

    Cheers, Dave.
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    PC to Tivo streaming

    Hi guys,

    thanks for the responses. i guess what i'm after is to use the Tivo like a media extender in much the same way as with the Xbox or kiss player. i.e playing video clips i have downloaded of the net and that reside on the p.c.

    looks like this is possible from the responses but limited in functionality and difficult to implement. due to the nature of the tivo file architecture.

    thanks again for the responses.

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