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Thread: Where has the guide data gone?

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    Where has the guide data gone?

    My FTA Tivo has completely run out of guide data and LOADGUIDE (which has been working happily for many months) now doesn't find any new listings. Even a manual wget doesn't find a slice file bigger than a byte. Family getting hostile. Need Tivo happy again. HELP!


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    Yes, looks like jaidev's latest slice is 1 byte long. I'm sure he'll take a look at it when time permits.

    We are generally encouraging people to move to what was the nztivo development system. All emulators are now based around this database driven slice.

    Suggest you try loadguiding, that should keep the family happy.

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    nice! Everyone happy and very relieved.

    Thanks for the help.


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    sorry something has gone bung, a bit busy @work, so will look at it tonight... although it now is a dev / backup system, as DJC states we encouraged existing users to move over to the orac emulators.. Surprised that you were still using my slices..
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