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Thread: TiVo Networking Advice

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    TiVo Networking Advice

    I was hoping for some advice on a wireless network setup for my folks - here's my situation:
    They have a G3 iMac in their study & a 1 port Netgear DM602 modem (currently connected to the iMac via ethernet).

    As the TiVo will be set-up in the loungeroom, I was wondering what would be the best option/configuration to get it wirelessly connected? (without an airnet card)

    I've looked at the Netgear MR814 - which I thought i could connect to the DM602 - connect the iMac to the MR814 and then connect another MR814 to the TiVo in the loungeroom? - but I'm unsure if the two routers can be linked in such a way?

    Any help hugely appreciated!
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    The MR814 is fine to use at the modem end, but make sure to turn off the router function of the modem.

    I don't know if the MR814 can be used as a bridge. If sticking with netgear then the WGE101 or WGE111 can be used.

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