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Thread: System Hang? "Thing's Tickles Body Can't Do"

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    System Hang? "Thing's Tickles Body Can't Do"

    Just switched on my TV to a white screen with a yellow hazard symbol on it and the words "Things Tickle's Body Can't Do" on it - It seemed that TiVo had frozen - couldn't telnet or access TiVoweb either until I rebooted - All seems fine now.

    Any ideas what that was?


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    Like all computers TiVo's sometimes loose their way.

    The screenshot would have just been a still frame from the last thing shown on TV before the TiVo froze up. Eventually the TiVo would have realised what was going on and rebooted itself, but this can take hours.

    Most r1.3 & r1.4 systems reboot about once a month, though some are much more frequent and a few others do last longer.

    If you have telnet access to your box, a kinder reboot is just typing 'reboot' rather than pulling the plug.

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