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    Guide Issues

    I am a new TIVO user in NZ and have a couple of questions:-
    Does the emulator get all the TV guide info or do I need to setup Loadguide as well??
    I can make successful daily calls via the web interface on my tivo and everything works fine. The Live TV guide has programming info in it, but if I do a 'Search by Title' in the main TIVO menu I get nothing. This worked when my TIVO was first setup about 10days ago but from about 1 week ago have had no data in the 'Search by Title' guide area.
    I have read things on the NZ TIVO site about setting up a cronjob for LOADGUIDE - is this necessary??
    Can anyone help???

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    Should work fine from emulator.

    Sounds like its not indexing.


    touch /var/timestamp
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    That seems to have fixed the problem - Thanks!
    touch /var/timestamp

    be added to the crontab? If so what's the syntax??

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    It should automatically be updated after each successful daily call unless you are using one of the older affected r1.4 images.

    See KnownIssuesCurrentImageRelease

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    Daylight Savings

    People, it's daylight saving tonight.

    So you might want to check your tivo tomorrow to make sure it got it right.

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