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Thread: Incorrect Titles on SBS programs

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    Incorrect Titles on SBS programs

    I've just recently noticed that quite a few of the programs on SBS (Melbourne) are showing as 'Documentary Series' or 'Comedy Series' instead of the real names like 'Mythbusters' or 'Pizza'. The episode names are called the real names, but not having noticed this in time meant that I missed a couple of shows.
    I'm sure that this is maybe because SBS publish them like this now, but is there a way to remove this from the Tivo guide data so that the Season passes will work again.

    Any ideas???


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    This problem is known due to some changes in the FTA data we have. It mostly affects ABC & SBS data.

    We have added new trimtitles to get around this for future fetches, but you will need to manually set those shows for the next few days until the new data rolls through.

    Some of the affected titles will have the following names or prefixs. If any are missing please let me know (this is not the complete list).


    A Special Presentation:
    A Special Presentation Premiere:
    Arts Special:
    Australian Documentary
    Australian Premiere:
    Children's Special:
    Comedy Series:
    Comedy/Drama Series:
    Documentary Special:
    Documentary -
    Animated Series:
    Animation Series:
    Drama Series -
    Drama Series:
    Music Documentary Series:
    Music Documentary:
    Music Series:
    Music Special:
    Special -
    Special Event:
    Special Presentation
    Sport Special:
    Documentary Series -
    Documentaries Series
    Documentary Series
    Comedy Series
    Documentary Series
    Documentary Special
    Drama Series
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