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Thread: If you setup the Emulator do you need to run Loadguide?

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    Got home and checked my Tivo, it too 'failed while preparing data'
    Is it just us two, or is anyone else having problems?
    Still can't get access via Tivoweb.
    Won't respond to ping
    I'm guessing that's why the daily call failed
    At this point I'm out of my depth! Not difficult!
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    Now mines working

    I ran ./forcedailycall.tcl in /var/hack/bin and watched the results on the web page and this time it loaded and succeded.

    Its got me , I havent done anything different, as long as its working im not going to screw with it.

    Say what Sky Decoder do you have? i have the Motorola DTH 335 which is an IR disaster area Sky have said they will swap it out but for which one?

    I have a choice of:
    Pace 2000-s
    Zenith 320-4
    Motorola DTH 355 ??

    I would like the 355 as it has a better processor and more memory than the others but I haven't heard of anyone runing a Tivo with one.

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    We were advised to insist on the Pace, we did and the IR works a treat, don't even need the cable, Pace box is sat on top of Tivo and the IR blaster does the rest! Mine did a succesfull call while we were out this evening and I've got data till Tuesday, still getting nagged, but I can live with that. Still can't get Tivoweb access or a response to a ping, if the IP address has changed, how do I find it again? The message in tivo just gives a string of zeros, fault with the latest version of the Oztivo image apparently. The boot sequence is too fast and the message is sent before the server allocates an IP address. Where are you in Auckland? I'm up in Kaukapakapa.
    PS, just hooked up via Tivoweb, IP had changed, therefore the shortcut that was set up for me on Saturday wouldn't work! Bloody obvious really, shows my level of knowledge! Is there an easy way to change to a static IP address? Or to check out which addresses are being used? I'm using a US robitics 9106 wireless router, the Tivo is connected via ethernet cable.
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    You need to add "after 120000" to the "report_ipaddress" file that resides in /hack/bin after "# Warren Toomey, Aug 2004."

    It should look like this.

    # Find out what IP addresses the TiVo has, and then
    # send a TiVo on-screen message so the the user can
    # easily find out the IP addresses.
    # Warren Toomey, Aug 2004.

    # Wait while DHCP send an IP address
    after 120000

    # Open a pipe from ifconfig
    set in [open [concat "|ifconfig"] r]

    ******************* Truncated.

    It should then report the IP address that it got in the Tivo mail message.

    However to edit it your going to have to find the IP address that it currently has, I would look at your ADSL router it should list the addresses it has given out. I have not had any experiance with the router you mentioned. Im in Pt Chevalier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sadrake
    I ran ./forcedailycall.tcl in /var/hack/bin and watched the results on the web page and this time it loaded and succeded.
    I run this script (forcedailycall.tcl ~ new tivo image) from cron on my tivo daily (around 1pm'ish) to the dev emulators (which are updated daily).. thats been a pretty reliable setup for me. Perhaps running the script from cron might be a good option for you.

    On the subject of remote lockups. I used to have that problem aaalllooottt. But now only seldomly. Basically because I've disabled the phone module in tivoweb (and so dont use it) and seldom use the web remote module. Do a search for event bug, thomson has posted some good detail on it.
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