A few problems I hope someone can shed some light on .

1. For the last 2 weeks my Tivo has been unable to connect to my ISP through the internal modem. I have tried 2 seperate ISP accounts, Xtra and Paradise, that worked previously but consistently have received the could not connect message. These accounts continued to work on my computer. Has anyone had similar problems? Just wondering whether the internal modem is more susceptible to the quality of the phone line than your standard computer modem.

2. Since the problems above I have attempted to set up a network between the Tivo and my computer which is running XP and use ICS for my dial up account. I have read the Networking how to's but don't seem to be having much luck. I have removed the phone number and isp username and password from the tclient.conf file and I have set the DialPrefix to ',#401' but any attempt to connect results in the message, 'Failed - No dial-in number chosen'. I have also been unable to ping the computer from the tivo successfully. It seems to receive the packets but does not respond even with firewalls disabled.

I have tried to help myself but feel like I am beginning to hit my head against a brickwall. Any help or information much appreciated.