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Thread: How did _you_ find OzTiVo?

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    How did _you_ find OzTiVo?

    Hi all,

    How did you find out about OzTiVo?

    I'll kick off ... it started from this post on the Canberra Linux Users' Group mailing list:

    A bit further along that thread the OzTiVo site was mentioned and, well, once that URL hit the browser that was it .

    Cheers, Dave.
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    I think it was via the NZTiVo site. Either that or a web search on NZ TiVo in general and it was from a on-line newspaper link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanted
    I think it was via the NZTiVo site. Either that or a web search on NZ TiVo in general and it was from a on-line newspaper link.
    Same here... And made contact with Tim personally. Read OzTivo to find out heaps. Shortly after that ordered my TiVO, then ordered a second one

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    I found out through the Digital Broadcasting Australia website through there Forums. Someone made a reference to OzTivo and I then just Googled Oztivo.

    I was actually looking for info on the Foxtel PVR about 6 months ago. Must say, looking at Foxtel IQ glad I went with the Tivo!
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    Warren Toomey's linuxconf talk

    OzTiVo - Toys, Tools, Hacks and a Community


    This is the story of how several hackers in Australia reverse-engineered the TiVo's operation, how they modified it for Australian conditions, and how they have been able to make the device friendly to non-hackers.

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    while researching pvr's in general i first saw oztivo mentioned on the newsgroup

    then ( but it looked different then )
    then i found more info on the eyo forums that aggregate related newsgroups

    and eventually i found the oztivo site, that's when the confusion started lol

    because oztivo was hard to find and daunting to read, it made getting my tivo so much more rewarding!
    its not that im lazy, its that i just dont care

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    I googled "tivo australia".

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