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Thread: TivoWeb vs TivoWebPlus

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    TivoWeb vs TivoWebPlus

    Hi all,

    I'm thinking of upgrading my Tivo to TivoWebPlus from TivoWeb 1.9.4. What is the general train of thought on this one. Is it recommended? If so what are the benefits and extra features, if not what are the pitfalls?

    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I just upgraded mine last night and deleted TivoWeb before finalising the configuration for TW+. This meant that the add-ins that were already pre-configured for Australian users on the OZTivo image were lost! Because the Aussie TIVO image has a great Tivoweb already installed (thx Warren et al) with most of the features that you need, so unless you are a big Remote user, I'd stay with what you have,

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    Hi John,

    There was some discussion of the merits of TW+ in this thread:

    Upgrade instructions are here:

    FWIW, I haven't upgraded.


    Cheers, Dave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finn
    I just upgraded mine last night and deleted TivoWeb...
    It's best not to delete anything included in the can use Tivo Hack Manager to easily switch between TivoWeb and TivoWebPlus

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