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Thread: NoNag Problems

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    NoNag Problems

    I know this has been discussed in a previous thread but after trying everthing discussed there, I am hoping that someone can give me the definitive answer on eliminating the guide data messages. I am running the emulator and I have dbloaded the NoNag.slice mentioned in the post and the ga.slice mentioned in the post setup topic on and used the force_index30.tcl command. I have also touched the timestamp and run the sync command. After rebooting I am still receiving the messages and there is no data showing for the NoNag channel. Do we need to download LOADGUIDE? I can live with these messages but if someone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


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    The NoNag.slice file requires that you have the NZ headend loaded... which you should have if you used the emulator or loadguide, as it actually loads a programme episode in the future for this channel.

    You can check that it has been correctly loaded into the database using the MFS section of TivoWeb. There should be an entry at the bottom of the Schedule (http://address.of.tivo/mfs/Schedule) list with a 15000 in it, similar to this:
    Name					Type	Id	Date Time	Size
    25195:15000:84600:01800:0:223996	tyDb	223996	10/30/04 16:03	 212
    If you wish to know more than have a look at this post.

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    I am currently using a serial cable to link to the tivo while I wait for my new computer. Is it possible to check the database using HyperTerminal? Otherwise I will patiently endure the messages until I get permanent networking set up. Thanks for the advice.


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    Dumping the complete Schedule from the command line

    Quote Originally Posted by Pastos
    Is it possible to check the database using HyperTerminal?
    It is possible... but unless you are really keen you probably don't want to go down that route. But if you are really interested then the following should give you the result you wish for (you should be able to cut-and-paste it):
    echo 'source $tcl_library/tv/DbEnum.tcl; ForeachMfsFile fsid name type "/Schedule" "" {puts "$fsid $name $type"}' | tivosh
    The last line of the output should contain a 15000 in it; similar to the following snippet:
    332705 25195:12826:03600:86400:0:332705 tyDb
    334561 25195:12827:03600:82800:0:334561 tyDb
    334562 25195:12828:00000:50400:0:334562 tyDb
    223996 25195:15000:84600:01800:0:223996 tyDb

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    I have used that command and the last line of the output is
    94818 2392:12814:00000:07200:0:94818 tyDb
    Further up there is a line that contains 15000

    100275 2333:15000:84600:01800:0:100275 tyDb

    so I am beginning to think that I have loaded the wrong slice. I used the NoNag.slice mentioned in the post
    but whether this is the latest I am not sure. Any ideas?

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    Is there any way this (NoNag) can be included in the emulator slice? It seems a shame to have everything working so smoothly with the emulator (especially for new users) but then require this ugly hack to stop the nag messages..just a thought.

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