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Thread: Nickelodeon guide

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    Nickelodeon guide

    Hi I just purchased a remodeled Tivo and I can't see the guide for the Nickelodeon channel. We can still watch that channel but can't see any upcoming shows in the guide section. We also can't record anything or set anything for season pass. I bought the Tivo for my kids to record shows and this was the channel we specifically wanted to record. Does someone know how to get the guide for Nickelodeon to work or is it not possible?

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    It may not be possible as Nickelodeon is a fairly new channel on Free to Air, and I'm not sure if anyone is left who can add new channels to the server.

    I have not had a TiVo for a very long time now.

    Fingers crossed someone may see this and be able to assist you.
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