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Thread: Is my Tivo finally on it's last legs??

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    Is my Tivo finally on it's last legs??

    Hi Tivo gurus,

    Have been running my machine faultlessly for years, and finally yesterday, I turned my TV on to find the Tivo in an endless reboot cycle of the loading screen.

    Powered it off completely for 24 hours and have fired it back up today, but it is still stuck in the same reboot cycle.

    Does this spell the end for my machine, or can I try some sort of reset option, if it even exists


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    My 2nd spare did something like that. If you are in Caboolture area I can help by loading a fresh system file with good chance of success.
    You will, of course, lose all existing recordings as you have to do a delete all. If that fails I could swap you my spare 40GB HDD.
    If interested, let me know. I travel by bus/train

    See earlier posts re Seagate drive replacement.

    Also, have a read of this page, it contains much essential TiVo information:

    Owen (now in Caboolture)
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    I can't really help other than offer moral support. Changing a hard drive over is fairly straightforward.
    Not much else goes wrong other than maybe power supply caps need replacing.
    I had a modded Tivo die a week afterward back in 2017. I had a spare unit and started again.
    It's good to see the forum is sort of alive.

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    Thanks for the thoughts guys...

    I'm thinking it could be a HD failure, so I'll probably have a try and replacing that and see how that goes...

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    Another fault that shows up on ageing HD TiVos is memory. This caused by the memory chips on the board ageing and becoming heat sensitive in that they fail if cold. This shows up if the TiVo has been powered down for an hour or more. The test for this is to power up the TiVo for a while to warm up then power cycle it and see if it boots up. The fix is to replace the defective memory chips.
    The best source for TiVo repairs is Darren King who can be contacted by message on here or at
    2 x S1 TiVos running, 1 x HD TiVo running, Several of each as spares. Current keeper of ORAC.


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