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Thread: 62 EPG to 63 & 63 to 64 Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast

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    62 EPG to 63 & 63 to 64 Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast

    Hope I'm posting in the correct area, seems very quite here :-).

    I understand that the 7two SD service is now discontinued in Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast. (The story below says regional Qld, but I don't know about others specifically)
    Request please in summary:
    Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast
    62 EPG move to 63.
    63 EPG move to 64.

    Okay, the story:
    Details online are scant, but this is what I have experienced.
    when I select 62 our 7two I get the message
    now on Channel 63 in HD
    You may need to re-scan your TV"

    On Tivo 62 still shows the EPG for 7two, but when I play or record something it shows the above message continually.
    I re-scanned channels, but it's not fully fixed, still showing the wrong on 62, 63 and 64 EPG on Tivo.

    I noticed that when I play 63 (which was 7Mate) it now has the new 7twoHD logo. When I tried it, the item playing is actually what is listed on the 62 EPG and it's EPG is incorrect.

    Thus the EPG from 62 needs to go to 63, now 7twoHD
    and 63 EPG should be moved to 64, which is now 7mateHD

    "Launching last week, 7TwoHD is currently being broadcast in the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba markets on channel 63, and in other Seven Queensland regional markets on channel 73.

    The change means free-to-air viewers in the regional Queensland market now have access to three high definition channels from the Seven Network. Viewers will require a Mpeg-4 capable television to receive the improved broadcast signal."

    For Toowoomba:
    Channel 63 TWBA/571.5MHz/7twoHD Toowoomba,TWBA/571.625MHz/7twoHD Toowoomba,TWBA/627.5MHz/7twoHD Toowoomba,TWBA/627.625MHz/7twoHD Toowoomba
    Channel 64 TWBA/571.5MHz/7mateHD Toowoomba,TWBA/571.625MHz/7mateHD Toowoomba,TWBA/627.5MHz/7mateHD Toowoomba,TWBA/627.625MHz/7mateHD Toowoomba
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