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Thread: remote control tivo via the internet

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    Wink remote control tivo via the internet

    hi all,

    I?m remotely controlling my TiVo from the internet with a Logitech harmony IR hub device and app.

    The latency is not great, does anyone know of another way?

    Also is there a way of recording remotely?


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    The original (Series 1) TiVos had various apps added to them of which one was TiVoWeb. TiVoWeb was/is a web browser interface that can control many TiVo functions including recording.
    TiVoWeb is also in the package that enabled the TiVo to run on the Aus/NZ servers and needs to be enabled by David Keegel. Try a PM to him for this.
    There is a problem however as TiVoWeb doesn't work fully with the HD TiVos and some development is required however there hasn't been any emphasis on this.
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