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Thread: OzTiVo Software upgrade

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    OzTiVo Software upgrade

    I had previously raised an issue about an OzTiVo with software version 11.3b8 and the EPG download in the forum for Guide Issues but now I want to deal with a software upgrade from 11.3b8 to 11.3b10.

    First I need to understand whether 11.3b8 and 11.3b10 are versions of the software that the original mothership provided or are they different versions of the OzTiVo software. If it is the original mothership then I understand why Darren King posted "You can use a pre-modded 11.3b10 software image .tbk file and WinMFS to do it.".

    I saved some .tbk files while preparing a new increased size drive for each of the TiVos that I converted and I've still got the original drives in their unchanged condition so I imagine that I can either access or recreate the appropriate .tbk file.

    If my understanding is correct, then I assume that I need to use the appropriate 11.3b10 version .tbk file and restore it to the 11.3b8 drive and then use the modding process again on that drive - Is that correct?



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    11.3b10 was the last software version downloaded before the TiVo service was shut down.
    11.3b8 was the previous version. Both were catered for in the OzTiVo software enabling update.
    If you have backups of 11.3b10 these would be the best to use however first check whether the recipient TiVo has a media access key (MAK) enabled as once you have lost this you won't get it back.

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    Thanks for the reply Islander

    Here's what I have
    TiVo 1: OzTiVo mod, software 11.3b8, 2TB drive
    TiVo 2: OzTiVo mod, software 11.3b10, 2TB drive, MAK key
    TiVo 3: pre-modded, software 11.3b10, 320GB drive (this TiVo is not currently used)

    I have a TBK file of TiVo 2 and could make a TBK file of TiVo 3. Which of those is preferable to use for upgrading the software on TiVo 1?

    What will happen to any recordings currently on TiVo 1 when I restore the TBK file from one of the other TiVos?

    Appreciate your help

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    In the absence of any further advice, I've decided that the easiest strategy is to use a dual SATA docking station to clone the HD from TiVo 2 (OzTiVo mod, software 11.3b10, 2TB drive, MAK key) to the HD of TiVo 1 (OzTiVo mod, software 11.3b8, 2TB drive) and then re-install the HD into TiVo 1 and do the full Guided Setup with Clear and Delete.

    There's nothing recorded on TiVo 1 that I need to keep. I'll also backup (TBK) TiVo 2 to preserve the MAK in the event of any problems removing and re-installing the HD from TiVo 2. I understand that the MAK won't transfer to TiVo 1.

    I'd welcome any advice regarding flaws in that approach.


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    Successfully cloned the 11.3b10 software from one drive to the other and then did Clear and Delete All which triggered the Guided Setup. After several hours, I finally have both TiVos with 11.3b10 and TiVo 1 now successfully shows the To Do List after downloading the EPG.


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