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Thread: TiVo recordings to DVD

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    TiVo recordings to DVD

    I have some specific questions re: getting your 'now showing' programs off the tivo to DVD.

    My tivo was set to record all programs at 544x576 (default in palmod). I followed the instructions here: ( which worked 'ok' except for:

    1. My DVD player seemed to dislike the 544x576 PAL and when playing back the dvd there was a black edge with a green vertical line. The image is 'squashed'. Is this because my player can't seem to deal with 544x576 res and is expecting only say 720x576? (My player was bought in late 2000 so perhaps newer players can cope with this?)

    The same DVD disc plays ok on the PC and the Mac, which leads me to think it is my player.

    2. I then changed the tivo to record at 720x576 using palmod. After this, I recorded a new program, and burned a DVD with this new program and it worked in my dvd player (although I think there are some odd 'freezes' in the dvd for some reason). However now when played in the PC or Mac I dont get any audio.

    So, basically, I want to know what everyone in Aust has their tivo palmod settings (I dont have a tuner - I use the vcr connected to the tivo if that makes a difference) Does everyone leave it at the default 544x576 res on the tivo and its just my dvd player that cannot cope?

    Is there anything that I'm doing wrong? Any advice appreciated.

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    The green line issue and resolution options and such was discussed over on the OzTiVo mailing list on Minnie last week. Do a quick search of the mail archives and you should get some answers there. If I remember rightly the subject was "green lines" or similar.


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    Your issue has a lot to do with making a compliant dvd that will play in any dvd player I am guessing.

    What software are you using to create your mpeg file. Are you using tystudio or something similar - that is the root of the issue. It creates a very basic mpeg file which some dvd players do not like. If you are saving the audio as an ac3 file this adds a further twist that some dvd players do not like.

    If you want to create a dvd which you want to be "guaranteed" playable (remember nothing in life is 100% guaranteed) you will need to re-encode the mpeg file created by tystudio with another encoder such as tmpgenc and author the dvd with a good product like dvd lab.

    If you have time, I recommend you download the thirty day free demos of both products (go to for the links) and create a dvd and test it in every player you can find before you commit to buying any software. It does take more time to reencode a file created by tystudio but the resulting file is smaller, has good picture quality and is more dvd compliant.


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    Thanks guys...I'll give it another go with your recommendations.
    Series 1 TiVo from, Maxtor 120GB, OzTiVo Image 1.3, TurboNet card, Dodgy Sanyo VCR :)

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