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Thread: No sound on Channel 78 (Racing Channel)

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    No sound on Channel 78 (Racing Channel)

    My sister reports that on her modified TivoHD (thanks Darren), that recently there has been no sound on channel 78 Melbourne (Racing channel).

    She says she has done a power down for 5 or more mins, re scan channels, but no good.

    All other channels they have tried work perfectly.

    Anyone else having problems with sound on 78 or know of a fix?

    Regards, Martin.

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    Yeah I got no audio on 78 either. Tried toggling every audio setting on Tivo and receiver, nothing.

    I'm guessing they are encoding it in an way that Tivo cannot decode. The chipset Tivo uses is from 2006 and maybe channel 7 is probably being a bit too presumptive about what codecs are supported nowdays.

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    There is an explanation in this thread:

    Unfortunately I'd love to help but my strength has never been software. This is where I would have hoped that as time went on more people would have stepped up to the mark and volunteered their talents
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    It occurs to me that this is where a series 1 TiVo shines. Coupled with the appropriate set top box it would function perfectly albeit in SD. Arguably with better functionality than than the HDTiVo.

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