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Thread: No sound on 7Food (74)

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    No sound on 7Food (74)

    I have noticed in the last few days that I get no sound on channel 74 (7Food) through my TiVo, in Melbourne.
    I used to get sound on 7Food through that TiVo in recent weeks.
    I also get no sound on channel 75 (not that I care about openshop). I do get sound on 7, 7mate, 7two.
    I tried another TiVo, and have the same issue on that (no sound on 74 & 75).
    I have a TV using the same antenna, and that has sound for channel 74.

    Has anyone else seen this problem? Or have suggestions?

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    ive got the same problem please fix

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    please can someone fix

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    Nov 2017
    Melbourne, Victoria
    Is sound on 7Food (and 75 open shop) a problem outside of Melbourne general area?

    Does anyone have ideas on how/whether this could be fixed for oztivo or at least investigated?

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    Transmission for 7 Network no longer from Melbourne. New playout centre in Sydney commenced on August 21st using new gear.
    Audio will be affected on 74 and 75 for older STB's(ie Tivo)

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    What encoding is used for the sound? Will it work if the TiVo is set for NZ?

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    The audio format for those channels is AAC.


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