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Thread: SBS World Movies

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    SBS World Movies

    Is there an intention to add the program guide for the new SBS World Movies channel 32? Thanks.

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    There is an intention yes, but there is also a gap in my capability.

    There is guide data for SBS World Movies in the oztivo database since late June, but on July 1 tivos stopped showing the guide info for World Movies, presumably because some technical details about channel 32 broadcast changed on July 1, and so tivos couldnt match up the new channel 32 SBS World Movies with the guide data downloaded from the database.

    I don't currently know enough about S3 head-ends (I think something in the mothership S3 head-end needs to be changed) to know how to fix that.
    So it might take months for me to learn enough to work this out, and I should probably first set up a test environment to experiment in (rather than experimenting on the S3 head-end for dial code 140 which everyone uses).
    Unless there is someone out there who has changed tivo S3 head-end configs before and change give me some pointers.

    On the plus side, SBS World Movies might be easier to add than channels like 7 Food and Sky News (which you may notice also have no guide info on tivo devices) - at least SBS World Movies guide info was appearing on S3 tivos for a few days in late June (when it was being broadcast as channel 32 with the same technical parameters as the old Viceland SD channel 32).

    PS: I wrote a bit about SBS World Movies in Tasmanian TV Guide Issues.
    The recent (2019) posts of that thread are mostly about a person in Tasmania who isn't getting guide info for channel 31 (Viceland HD), but there is a little about channel 32 also.

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    I'm hoping that David can get this fixed.


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