Yesterday I made some changes to the oztivo S3 database about "The Planets", making a new series called "The Planets" for the 2019 Brian Cox science/documentary series on ABC, re-titling the old series (which was about The BBC National Orchestra of Wales performing a symphony) and changing all the showings of the old series to the new series.
This morning I realised this would cause problems to anyone who set up a season pass for The Planets earlier. In that case, when your tivo gets updated guide data today (Sunday 14 July) it will see no upcoming episodes of the old series (about the Welsh symphony) and therefore record nothing tonight for that season pass.
Sorry about that.
If you set up a season pass for The Planets earlier and your tivo has already updated (got new guide info) today then my suggestion is to add a new season pass for The Planets and delete the old season pass (if it has no upcoming episodes).