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Thread: Melbourne guide data missing June 4 until 10am

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    Melbourne guide data missing June 4 until 10am

    I noticed this morning that my TiVo has no guide information for June 4 from midnight to 10am on almost all Melbourne channels (except apparently 7, 7HD, 7TWO which do have guide info for this morning).
    If you have a season pass to record something that starts this morning that you care about, I suggest you check it, because it won't record if your TiVo doesn't know that it is on.
    Is this hole in guide info this morning an issue outside of Melbourne?

    Does anyone remember if a similar thing happened around May 14, especially for Perth (where it would have been midnight to 8am missing)?

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    I'm in Perth and noticed this issue too this morning. Haven't noticed it before but that's not to say it didn't happen in May.


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