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    More EPG issues

    I have five TiVos running, three have software version 11.3b8, two have 11.3b10. All of the b8 units run out of guide data after this Friday. Sometimes they're reporting "Error S03" after connecting (but sometimes it says it was successful; it just doesn't get any data) ... Google suggests that's indicative of a failing hard drive, but three suddenly failing at the same time, and all the ones with b8 software, seems unlikely. Has something changed on the "mothership" side that might cause this? (PS: I've tried rebooting one of them, but it didn't help. I'm not sure whether it's safe to follow the instructions about doing the guided setup -- does that work, or leave me with a dead TiVo?)

    Edit: ... and, they're back in working order now, just missing Saturday. Thanks, if someone fixed it....
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