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Thread: EPG only has info until 1st December

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doni74 View Post
    Been working well for about a year now.
    There was an issue a few months back when they did some sort of upgrade, but besides that our EPG has always been working.
    Only channel without EPG at the moment is the Edge TV. But none of us ever watch that one anyway.
    I've just discovered I have no guide data beyond tomorrow afternoon, for most channels. Not the first time this has happened. Anybody know what's going on? Is it just that nobody entered the data until recently, and units that call in when there's no data available won't get that block again when it is available? (Because the server, not the TiVo, tracks what it's supposed to have, right? Surely it can't be too hard to add a check to not update that information when the data doesn't exist...)
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