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    Remote Control

    Here I am again asking newbie questions....sorry !

    Everything has been going quite swimmingly with my new found TivO so far, but last week or so I have been having woes with my remote.

    When watching back a recording and using the FF PAUSE PLAY functions, the remote will not respond after I select FF and it gets stuck in that mode. Sometimes, after repeated pressing, it'll work.

    I tried to think of causes, and threw out the batteries and replaced them with 2 x rechargable batteries with the same result. I then removed those and bought 2 x brand new batteries, same result.

    I then went to main menu, and did a reboot (gosh that is a slow process) but the problem persists.

    At odd times, the SELECT button gets the same problem.

    I found a little slider switch on the remote, but that doesn't help either.

    The remote is always on the table, and no children have touched it, dropped it or whatever, it just seems to have started the problems for its own reasons.

    Is there any particular process to follow to check things are right, and perhaps is there an android type app that can substitute the original Tivo remote, to try determine if it is the actual remote or main unit as the culprit?

    Thank you.

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    It will be the remote. If you look carefully when pressing one problematic button several times the red light at the top of the remote will respond in different ways rather than one consistent pattern. Usually after a few goes it will lock on with a solid light for a few seconds before extinguishing.

    From everything I have tried with these remotes internally there's no known effective remedy so the only real solution is replacement. EBay is your friend here.
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    Thanks Darren

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