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    When I select guide and get up the list, I want to record something coming up.

    I find the shows, and I press the red RECORD button to do so, getting a message saying sure or something, I say yes.

    Back in the guide again, and the items I selected to record have no "R" next to them or whatever to indicate they are set.

    Is there a way to check what you have already booked to record?


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    Quote Originally Posted by viewer View Post
    ... way to check what you have already booked to record? ...
    TiVo Central > Find Programs > To Do List

    Unfortunately the TiVo guide display never did mirror the To Do List.

    The To Do List is also the place to 'clean-up' scheduled recordings - for example programs that are duplicated on SD and HD channels.

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    Many thanks boritz...sorry for my newbie questions, but just getting these and modding them has seemed the simple part, learning how to control them more difficult.


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    No worries - for every posted question there are likely other readers who may have thought about asking the same thing .


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