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Thread: swupdate cron script and log

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    swupdate cron script and log

    OzTiVo-Modified S3.

    /hack/etc/crontabs schedules /hack/bin/ daily, which then logs to /var/log/swupdate.log

    2 x TiVos output this (bold/underline added):

    Sleeping for xxxx seconds
    Checking for update. UpdateUrl is>&OzTiVoVer=1
    wget: server returned error 304: HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified
    Nothing downloaded

    Is this an outdated OzTiVo software problem or something more troublesome?

    The daily EPG updates are always successful so the OzTiVo server accepts those connections.
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    That is just saying there is no software update available for your tivo at this time (it is already up to date).
    Nothing to see here, move along.

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    Thank you for your prompt reply David.

    I had interpreted Not Modified (incorrectly apparently) as a indication that the server does not recognize that the TiVo has been modified rather than referring to the software version(s) i.e. the server didn't want to deal with the TiVo.

    If it refers to the software then, as you say, move along ...

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