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    Quote Originally Posted by RLSA View Post
    ... are the 2009 Tutorial Videos ... available on the internet? ...
    Sorry, don't know. The copies were downloaded from one of my TiVos back in 2009 and presumably they were encoded by a unique MAK.

    They won't play in my current version of VideoReDo TVSuite because it wasn't installed to use a TiVo MAK.

    Not sure if files can be uploaded from PC to the Series 3 TiVo these days. If you know a way to do that and can suggest a simple file-share service I could try and upload one for you. Don't want to sign-up to a service though.

    BTW - if you can upload to a TiVo from PC you could try sending your experimental recording back to the TiVo and see if it will play OK.

    EDIT - You may like to trial EaseFab Video Converter on your experimental recording

    As an experiment I have just used the trial version of EaseFab to convert the five TiVo tutorials into MP4 format. I was able to enter the original source TiVo MAK. The trial version will only convert the first few minutes of a file. Since each of the tutorials only run for a few minutes it successfully converted their full length.

    The 'lifetime' licence appears to be about US$30 (AU$42). Don't know how its editing capabilities compare to VideoReDo.
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