Modded my friend's Tivo (series 3). All working fine, thanks to Darren and others and the support on this forum. But I suspect the HDD is acting up (occasional sticks on "Welcome" screen). I have a spare I can put in but he wants his recordings copied off if possible.

Tried TiVo Desktop and PyTivo on Win 10 PC, but we don't have a MAk. Can see the Tivo in TiVo Desktop but when "Pick recordings to transfer" gets an error "when try to retrieve data" (both transfer protocols).

Installed Mfs_Ftp ( - much searching to find it): error "child process exited abnormally while executing"

Searched for hours but cannot find a solution.

So not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm reasonably good on PCs or Unix, so comfortable with either options.