Just after having my Tivo moded I had a problem where the program updates in the "Connecting" phase failed, with a message (Failed while negotiating). I tried a guided setup to see if that would clear the problem and now the Tivo is stuck in a loop when it gets to the program updates "Connecting phase it comes up with (Failed while negotiating), on the second retry the Tivo restarts. I am keen on not losing my current recordings. The Tivo has a 2Tb disk.

I have tried a few thing using WinMFS using a spare hard drive but I loose the TiVo Desktop functionally which I don't want to do.

I was going to try to redo the OzTiVo HD install but have a problem with my PC loading Puppy Linux.

Is there another way to load the OzTivo Installer?

I have an older PC loaded with Ubuntu can I run the OzTiVo installer using Ubuntu?

If so how?

Is there a WinMFS backup file that will install the Tivo Desktop functionality? ie with a MAK address.