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Thread: Distinguishing First-Run from Repeat shows

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    Distinguishing First-Run from Repeat shows

    If (as seems to be the case) the OzTiVo guide doesn't label a show as first-run or repeat, would the following method be a start to making this distinction available?

    If a program is shown at prime time (starting between 7 and 11 pm) and a show with the same name and duration is shown on the next or following day on the same channel in non-prime time, label the prime-time showing as first-run. Of course this algorithm will label as first-run repeats of shows that were previously shown months earlier, but it would be a start, and would save users interested to record only First-run showings from having to eliminate repeats on the To Do list or the Now Showing list.

    Just a thought.

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    100 people have now viewed this thread, but no OzTiVo specialist has replied. (I realise that they are working on other issues.) I have another thought. Would it be easy to implement a Season Pass selection that allows only programs shown in prime time (say starting between 6 pm and midnight) to be recorded? This would remove many repeats, which often are shown in the afternoon. And it would stop users from having to remove numerous repeats from the 'To Do' or 'Now Playing' list.

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    I don't think that suggestion is practical/implementable with the current system.
    There is some development work in a different direction which may help with season passes, but I can't give you a time frame for that.

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    How did TiVo flag programs as first run back in the day?? I know here in NZ it seemed to work OK for the main channels but others it didn't and you'd get multiple recordings ..


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